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VCR1 Valve Core Removal
VCR1 Valve Core Removal

- Fast recovery and evacuation
- For use with both 1/4" and 5/16" flare fittings
- Vacuum rated to 20 Microns
- Rated for R410A systems
- Metal handle for durability

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Copper Tube
Copper Tube

1/4 - 25м - in stock
3/8 - 25м - in stock
1/2 - 25м - in stock
5/8 - 25м - in stock
3/4 - 25м - in stock
7/8 - 25м - in stock

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Ebraco Aspera Compressors HBP - R134, R22, R404




Aspera Model



Refrigerant Voltage Evaporating tº Cooling capacity at condensation tº 40º- 45ºC
HBP R134
BP5125H 3,40 R134 220V -10ºC 160W
NE6160Z 8,00 R134 220V -10ºC 340W
NE6170Z 8,78 R134 220V -10ºC 410W
NEK6170Z 8,40 R134 220V -10ºC 460W
NEK6187Z 10,00 R134 220V -10ºC 520W
NE5187Z 12,12 R134 220V -10ºC 590W
NE6187Z 12,12 R134 220V -10ºC 590W
NE6210Z 13,54 R134 220V -10ºC 660W
NEK6212Z 14,30 R134 220V -10ºC 700W
T6213Z 17,40 R134 220V -10ºC 740W
T6215Z 20,40 R134 220V -10ºC 890W
T6217Z 22,40 R134 220V -10ºC 970W
(N)J6220Z 26,20 R134 220V -10ºC 1260W
(N)J6220ZX 380V
(N)J6226Z 34,37 R134 220V -10ºC 1790W
(N)J6226ZX 380V
NB6144E 4,52 R22 220V -10ºC 320W
NB6152E 5,02 R22 220V -10ºC 370W
NB6165E 6,05 R22 220V -10ºC 450W
NE6181E 7,28 R22 220V -10ºC 520W
NE6210E 8,78 R22 220V -10ºC 630W
NE9213E 12,12 R22 220V -10ºC 900W
T6217E 14,50 R22 220V -10ºC 980W
T6220E 17,40 R22 220V -10ºC 1200W
(N)J9226E 21,70 R22 220V -10ºC 1650W
(N)J9226P 380V
(N)J9232E 26,20 R22 220V -10ºC 1970W
(N)J9232P 380V
(N)J9238E 32,70 R22 220V -10ºC 2500W
(N)J9238P 380V
HPB R404
NB6152GK 5,02 R404 220V -10ºC 414W
NB6165GK 6,05 R404 220V -10ºC 507W
NEK6165GK 6,20 R404 220V -10ºC 610W
NE6181GK 7,28 R404 220V -10ºC 575W
NE6210GK 8,78 R404 220V -10ºC 708W
NEK6210GK 8,78 R404 220V -10ºC 815W
NE9213GK 12,12 R404 220V -10ºC 1055W
NEK6213GK 12,12 R404 220V -10ºC 1090W
T6217GK 14,50 R404 220V -10ºC 1195W
T6220GK 17,40 R404 220V -10ºC 1440W
T6222GK 20,40 R404 220V -10ºC 1760W
(N)J9226GK 21,70 R404 220V -10ºC 1920W
(N)J9226GS 380V
(N)J9232GK 26,20 R404 220V -10ºC 2350W
(N)J9232GS 380V
(N)J9238GK 32,70 R404 220V -10ºC 2990W
(N)J9238GS 380V