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VCR1 Valve Core Removal
VCR1 Valve Core Removal

- Fast recovery and evacuation
- For use with both 1/4" and 5/16" flare fittings
- Vacuum rated to 20 Microns
- Rated for R410A systems
- Metal handle for durability

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Copper Tube
Copper Tube

1/4 - 25м - in stock
3/8 - 25м - in stock
1/2 - 25м - in stock
5/8 - 25м - in stock
3/4 - 25м - in stock
7/8 - 25м - in stock

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Control Panel single-phase 





Code No.

AK-RC 101 Single Phase (2HP)/ 220 V 080Z3200




The OPTYMA Control single-phase is a new control panel for cold rooms with a single-phase compressor up to 2 HP, specially designed for safety, protection, control and ease of installation.
It allows the user to control all the components on a refrigeration system: compressor, evaporator fans, defrosting elements, room light and thermostat-holder.




- Complete management of single-phase static or ventilated refrigeration systems up to 2 HP, with
off-cycle or electrical defrosting and with direct or pump-down compressor stop.
- Control of single-phase evaporator unit only with solenoid valve or remote condensing unit.


Main characteristics

- Direct control of defrosting elements, evaporator fans, room light with outputs directly connectable
to the various units.
- Magnetothermic circuit breaker for isolation and protection of the refrigeration unit.
- Stylish new ABS housing with transparent cover for access to the magnetothermal cut-out
switch, all with an IP65 protection rating so that panel can be used outside the room.

- LED indicators and large display show system status.
- User-friendly keypad.
- Display resolution to 0.1 °C.

Technical characteristics of OPTYMATM Control single-phase

Power supply


230V ~ ± 10% 50/60Hz

Max. power (electronics only)

~ 7VA

Cold room conditions

Operating temperature

- 5 to 50 °C

Storage temperature

- 10 to 70°C

Relative humidity

Less than 90% - Not condensed. No shock influence/vibration.

General characteristics

Type of sensors that can be connected

EKS 221, code no.: 084N3210



Sensor read precision

± 0.5 °C

Read range

-45…+45 °C

Digital inputs

Requirements to contact

Gold plating

OPTYMA TM Control single-phase - Output characteristics - max. applicable load (230 V AC)


1500W (AC3)


3000W (AC1)


500W (AC3)

Room light

800W (AC1)

Alarm contact (non-powered contact)


General electrical protection

Differential magnetothermic circuit breaker 16A
Id=300 mA
Disconnecting power 4.5 kA

Dimensional characteristics


168 mm x 97 mm x 262 mm (HxPxL)

Insulation / mechanical characteristics

Housing protection rating

IP 65

Housing material

Self-extinguishing ABS

Type of insulation

Class II