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VCR1 Valve Core Removal
VCR1 Valve Core Removal

- Fast recovery and evacuation
- For use with both 1/4" and 5/16" flare fittings
- Vacuum rated to 20 Microns
- Rated for R410A systems
- Metal handle for durability

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Copper Tube
Copper Tube

1/4 - 25м - in stock
3/8 - 25м - in stock
1/2 - 25м - in stock
5/8 - 25м - in stock
3/4 - 25м - in stock
7/8 - 25м - in stock

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Radiator Thermostats

Sensor set, Box, RAE, RA-FN, RLV, DN 15, Angle


Includes RAE sensor, RA-FN angle valve and RLV-S angle lockshield valve.

Sensor set, Box, RAE, RA-FN, RLV, DN 15, Straight


Includes RAE sensor, RA-FN straight valve and RLV-S straight lockshield valve.

Radiator Valves, RA-N, Normal flow, 15 mm, Straight, NF,



Radiator Valves, RA-N, Normal flow, 15 mm, Angle, NF,


RA/RTD Sensors, RA 2945, Gas, Sensor type: Built-in sensor, 5 °C - 26 °C, RTD


Frost protection, limiting and locking of temperature

Thermostatic radiator sensor for RA valves with zero RAS-C2 , Sensor Type: Built-in sensor, 8 °C - 28 °C, RA, 013G6040

Grey socket, Positive shut- off function.

Thermostatic radiator sensor for RAW-K 5030 valves, IF (9016), Liquid, Sensor Type: Built- in sensor, 8 °C - 28 °C, M30x1.5, 013G5030

for non- Danfoss valves.

Radiator lockshield valve RLV-S DN15, Angle, Chromed, Inner thread, 003L0123

Radiator lockshield valve RLV-S DN15, Straight,Chromed, Inner thread, 003L0124

Steel and copper tube fittings G3/4", 013G4125, for RTD-K, RTD-KE, RA 15/6T, RLV-K, RLV-KD, RLV-KS, RA-C 15, VHS
Compressor fittings for ALUPEX tubes 16X2.0 G1/2, 013G4176

Radiator thermostat set 013G5142

RAS-C2, RA-FN, DN 15, St

Radiator thermostat set 013G5143

RAS-C2, RA-FN, DN 15, Angle

Radiator valve RA-N 20 (RA-N 3/4) NF (normal flow), 013G0015, Angle
Radiator valve RA-N 20 (RA-N 3/4) NF (normal flow), 013G0016, Angle
Room digital thermostat with weekly timer BASICPLUS2 WT-P, Programmable, 230V, 088U0625
Room mechanical thermostat BASICPLUS2 WT-T TOGGLE, 230V, 088U0620
Room digital thermostat BASICPLUS2 WT-D display, 230V, 088U0622
Radiator lockshield valve  RLV 15V KV 2,5 W/NICKEL, 003L0144, Straight, Nickel plated, Inner thread